First Step into ANY Investment is Education

Real estate can be a jungle to navigate through. Imagine going through the thick vegetation without any proper tools: a machete, a compass, a map, and a first aid kit.

Consider these videos your tools to get through your Real Estate Journey

Focus on the end goal and work backwards. It’s the best way to figure out what you actually want in life

  • Do you value time more than money?
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How to Build Wealth with Real Estate

Build Wealth with Real Estate - Buy and Hold! Denver Colorado Education

Quick Beginner’s Guide to House Hacking in Denver

House Hacking 101 Quick Beginner's Guide to House Hacking in Denver 2022

VLOG Tour of My Current House Hack

(Airbnb on the Main Floor!)

Denver VLOG 2022 House Hack #3 Closed and Ready for AirBnB! Tour of my SFH turned to Two Units

VLOG Tour of a FI Team Agent House Hack

Dean Valentini in Englewood

Living for Free AND Cash Flowing? How To House Hack in Denver VLOG Tour 2022 - Invest in Real Estate

Aurora House Hack – Live-in Ready AND you can Build in Equity with New Kitchen

Airbnb, Rent by the Room, House Hack - So Many Options! Aurora VLOG 2023 Tour Denver

FI Team Agent Orion Enfield Creates 2 Airbnbs on his House Hack in Sherrelwood

From Gunshop to Income-producing House Hack

AirBnB'ing TWO Units while Getting Paid $600/mo and Live for Free with House Hacking

Everything you need to know about Arvada’s Short Term Rental Laws

Before you Buy an Investment Property in Arvada Colorado - WATCH THIS VIDEO

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